Students Who Use Scented Pencils Have Higher GPA

A study done with students in Wheeling Jesuit University's psychology department over seven weeks showed that the more students used a scented pencil, the higher their GPA, or grade point average.

All freshmen were given a peppermint scented pencil from Scentco Inc. Company at the beginning of the school year. Then they were asked how frequently they used the scented pencils. Students who used them a few times a week had an average GPA of 3.2; monthly users averaged 2.4 and non-users had GPA's averaging 2.1.

The psychology professor who ran the study, Dr. Bryan Raudenbush, theorized that it was the specific smell of peppermint, rather than the presence of any scent, that resulted in the better grades. Peppermint has been shown to increase alertness, and he credited this with keeping students more focused so they can study more efficiently.