Synching Light with Music in Retail

Snog, a frozen yogurt chain in the UK, has synched multi-colored LED strips in the ceiling with the music that plays in their stores. The effect makes the space more interesting and brings more traffic to the store since the lights go from the front of the store to the back, drawing people in. It also contributes to a light-hearted fun atmosphere in keeping with the company's brand.

There are a host of opportunities for retail with integrated sound and lighting. Interactive light maps in nightclubs and restaurants could show where the action is (high noise level) and where patrons can go for a bit of quiet.

Light can also reflect the mood of the music, giving customers a more immersive experience. The sound and the lighting together can act as a sort of sensory redecorating, changing the look and feel of the store environment with no additional cost. Add the layer of scent, and the store can give customers a completely different experience, maybe tied to a specific promotion or trend. Stores can also respond to varying types of customers who may shop on different days or times by adjusting the look to suit them.

Imagine a clothing store reflecting the latest fashions; when leather and studs are in fashion, the lighting, scent and music are harsher, but when the trends swing towards chiffon and florals, the entire store experience mirrors those aesthetics. As long as the store's basic design elements (floor, counter, displays, etc.) remain neutral, the rest of the design could vary widely with only the sensory elements.