Hmmm...Smells Like a Text

Scentee mobile scenting device
Scentee, a Japanese company, has come out with a scent alert device that attaches to smart phones, both iOS and android. The device contains scent capsules which, when programmed by the accompanying app, release pre-programmed smells in conjunction with smart phone alerts, like when you receive a text or email or someone likes something you posted on Facebook. On a subway next to a person who has neglected to use deodorant? In addition to programming the scents to correspond with an alert, users can set it up to release a particular smell at certain intervals. Available scents include apple, coconut, jasmine, strawberry, bacon, corn soup, coffee, rose, curry, ylang-ylang, lavender, mint, and cinnamon roll. The scent capsules sell for $5 each and last for about 100 releases. The Scentee device is scheduled to hit the Japanese market on November 15th. There is no word yet about when it will be sold in other markets.